About us

MobileXpert is a young company that specializes in repairing, redeeming and reselling smartphones and tablets. The organization was founded in November 2011 by Thomas Lévesque, the current president. The main objective was, first, to promote an affordable alternative to replacing broken cell phones.

Instead of systematically buying a new cell, why not have it repaired, or even buy a used one? The idea of ​​offering this service was formed while the promoter was working as a sales representative for a cellular store in Saguenay.

Following the development of a business plan and various market tests, it was in July 2012 that the entrepreneur decided to open his first store in Place du Saguenay, in Chicoutimi. During its first months of existence, the company won several awards, including the first place of the Pierre Péladeau Scholarship, one of the most prestigious scholarships in student entrepreneurship in Quebec.

Over time, the demand turns out to be constant and new members are constantly joining the team. In March 2014, the company opened a new branch in Alma, Lac-Saint-Jean, to get closer to its customers in this sector. Two new jobs are created, adding to the six jobs already held in Chicoutimi.

The Chicoutimi store, facing a high demand, moved to larger premises in April 2014. This move tripled the area to offer a wider choice of products to customers and a much more spacious work environment. This expansion also increases the production capacity.

In October 2016, the company acquired a commercial condominium, next to its local and saw a third move. The developer thus benefits from a major expansion to start other projects including a large warehouse, a conference room, a room for employees and a room assigned to the revaluation of smart rooms and appliances. This increases the company's turnover and offers additional services to other companies in the field of cell and tablet repairs.

The company always aims further and is constantly evolving, so it's a story to follow ...